Trunk show at NM in Boca

  1. Is anyone else going to the Neiman Marcus trunk show in Boca on Thursday? Claudia (purse-onality) and I will be there.
  2. no, I will be stuck here in Chicago freezing to death :upsidedown:
  3. sounds like fun!!
  4. <dancing with excitement

    can't wait
    Sabrina told me today that they will have things that Saks didn't have
    see you tomorrow 11:30, Gayle!

    any other south florida PFers who want to join us, please feel free......i will be the one cradling the sample of the baby animal flap :heart:
  5. That sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I could join you ladies.
  6. Have fun girls!! We'll all be waiting for an update.

    Please check out the patent colors for spring. I heard from my SA that they will be showing a pale gold patent in select styles.
  7. I wish I was in Fla sun to go to the trunk show. You girls are so lucky to be able to hit the trunck show circuit! The Seattle one is not until next week. I must be addicted because I got 7 of the same invites from different SA's. I actually hope I don't like anything...I have already spent a pretty penny pre-pirce increase.
  8. OMG! Your SAs must love you!