trunk show at NM in beverly hills

  1. was not very impressed by most of the fall line. but there's a 2.55 jumbo with gold chain that is simply geogeous! i'm not sure it's worth $3k but I put my name down anyway....the jewelry was meeh...nothing exciting really. and the 2.55 with the pearl necklace is, in my opinion, worth it simply because it comes with the peals. it's about $2800 or so.

    other than that....lots of squishy looking bags (not my personal fav...)

    overall not very :nuts: for the upcoming collection (good for my bank account) though i'm gonna wanna keep both 2.55s i'll have to cut it down to one..
  2. Clucreciala thanx so much for the info;is the 2.55 jumbo the black metallic? I don't like squishy bags either!TIA!:flowers: