Trunk clutch

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  1. Does anyone have the trunk clutch and likes it? What do you like or dislike about it? I’m eyeing this color combo.
  2. Thank you for this thread! I'm curious to know too.. Haven't had a chance to check out in person yet.
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  3. My store was able to order it and it is coming today. I will let you know...
  4. Yes pls! Thank you!
  5. Did receive it, feel the pictures don’t do it’s small so if you like clutches or small bags, you will probably like it...I’ve seen many of this bag on Instagram....the details on the bag are amazing....
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  6. Ooooh very pretty bag :smile:
  7. I loving and enjoying this bag. It’s a little bigger than the actual petite Malle and I can fit more items.
  8. Have you used your doctor speedy yet? Debating on requesting it again...
  9. Yes, I have used it a couple of times but I’m always super careful and watchful because of the calf leather.
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    Wow the bag looks amazing!!! Enjoy her to the fullest! I was in Amsterdam and they didn’t have any. Going to check out Mykonos and Rome before I go back home. Thanks for posting the photo, M5_Traveler!
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  12. It is a gorgeous bag. I totally understand your point about the rubbing, but hopefully customer's won't be held responsible should it become a significant issue. It really is a darling bag. It is larger and lighter weight than the hard-sided and the zipper really adds a nice ability to secure your belongings. If anyone is able to get this bag at a store, for retail, and likes the bag... I say go for it! It's a beautiful day bag.
  13. I used mine yesterday to run some errands and the only think is the flap when you have to get in the bag..I have no regrets buying it..the only think I have an issue with is I have to switch to a smaller wallet but it gave me a chance to use my blossom zcp.....the bag and detailing are beautiful..
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  14. That's what the dealbreaker would be for me if I were to ever consider this bag.