Truly this is my last LV for 2008 -- My new MC Beverly Black

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  1. Despite all the self-control crap I imposed on myself..I zipped down to LV today during lunch and got my new MC Beverly :heart::yahoo:. MY FIRST BLACK MC. I cannot express the sheer joy I have but this sadly to say this is my last for the year and imagine...I kept raving about the vernis alma and I want it in pomme...but fate has made it such.. I chose this over the alma. For the rest of the year and maybe half of next year...I will just drool over all your new bags.

    While everyone is waiting for the VVN Watercolor speedy....I am dreaming of a black MC... This bag is really loud, flashy (quite unlike me) with all the gold more so with the GM..kinda like shouting LV at your face -- but I think it has got a certain unspoken charm..anyway, Heh Heh I seem to like not so popular stuff in this forum in general and I have always had a soft heart for MC line..OKAY OKAY this bag does make my heart throbs.. here are some snap shots I took in the car...I will post more later tonight...thanks for letting me share my delight....:love:

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  2. it's sooooooooooooo gorgeous, and I just LOVE that color combo! Any modeling pics???? ahh I love it!
  3. congrats!
  4. very nice indeed.
  5. Love it !!
    Congrats!! Gorgeous!
  6. wow!
    love it!
  7. Thanks...I will try to post some modeling pictures soon...tonight
  8. wow!
  9. It looks lovely, and very comfortable on your cat seat.

    Congrats!!!! :tup:
  10. So pretty!! Congrats!!
  11. Woah, she is a beauty. :nuts:

  12. congrats! i think this is going on my list!!
  13. Very nice purchase.

    Congrats on your new bag!! It's really gorgeous.:drool:
  14. Wow, congrats! It's stunning!
  15. Congrats! :biggrin:
    But..but it's only April, there's 8 more months to go... never say never! *cough* :graucho: