truly special order

  1. aside from leather and hardware, do they make truly special order bags anymore? i love the kelly ado gm - a backpack modeled on the kelly. i love it as a handbag - i love the long shape of it. i don't want a backpack. would they make this bag minus the straps on the back, so it was just a rectangular kelly?
  2. It wouldn't hurt to ask. The SA's tell me they will not fulfill a special order that will compromise the design of the bag, as I once asked for an Evelyne without the H cutout. However, I have seen bags with modifications on the design, but I believe these were people with super-VIP status.
  3. They make truly custom orders. I have seen an apple holder once... :biggrin: I wanted that so bad.
  4. yes they do as long as your wish goes conform witht he hermès spirit and the standarts of the house.
  5. what is an apple holder?

  6. ooo, what type of modifications have you seen?

  7. hmmm, i don't know where my request would fall, since i would be basically recreating a kelly, or redesigning one...
  8. ask them and wait if paris says yes or no. but i am afraid it will be a no as it is not a special design for you but a modification on their designs so they tend to be very strict with that.
  9. Usually it's been modifications to the strap, like a plume with a shoulder strap instead of handles. But again, I believe the customer was a super-VIP.
  10. well that sounds somewhat similar to what i want. i'm going to not worry about the whole VIP, inner-circle stuff. hermes is trying to catch up to the whole backorder problem and churn out more bags to greatly reduce the whole waitlist thing, and once that's done, in a few years, they might loosen up a bit and remember that the customer is queen.
  11. Well, just ask and see what they have to say. Who knows, maybe you're super-VIP and just don't know it?
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: really really not.
  13. We are all VIPs...yes we are! (at least I think so)
  14. It was a tiny case made to hold... erm, an apple? :roflmfao: It came with a little knife too. Made to order for a customer who ate an apple a day.
  15. I think the NM in Troy, MI hhad this bag not too long ago in a beautiful green ostrich. It was stunning! Call them if you are still interested, who knows it could still be there (248) 643-3300.