Truly oil-free products?

  1. Hi there,

    I'm completely trashing my current makeup collection as my skin has been breaking out all year and my dermatologist is concerned that what I'm using is clogging my pores. She told me to go on a shopping spree for an oil-free cleanser, oil-free moisturizer, makeup, etc.

    I welcome any and all suggestions for oil-free skincare and cosmetics!

    Thanks so much,
  2. What brands were you using before? From there, I can help you.
  3. Hi, thanks in advance for your help!

    I was using Cetaphil moisturizer with SFP 15, Cetaphil gentle cleanser, MAC studio fix, Mac blush, MAC concealer, and various different brands of eye shadow (MAC, Fresh, Chantecaille, Laura Mercier). I tend not to wear liquid foundation as I don't like the cakey-ness. That's why I loved using the Studio Fix because it offers medium-light coverage and doesn't look thick on me at all. However, I just heard that Studio Fix isn't truly oil-free as they like to say, because of the mineral oils. Does anyone know if that's true?
  4. Hmmm...I have acne-prone skin and I use MAC w/out problems, but I use it in conjunction with the Proactiv Solution kit.
    Have you tried BareMinerals? I have heard rave reviews about it, since it is all natural and has no chemicals in it. You put it on like a powder, but I heard the coverage is pretty good.
    Also, Proactiv sells makeup too, which might also help.
    Let me know what you think... the Cetaphil might not be the right thing to use either--do you have dry patches or is your skin all oily?
  5. I've used Studiofix for years, but I've got rosacea and acne, so I don't know which came first: the chicken or the egg. I have switched to Chanel Double Perfection powder foundation in the last couple of months and my face seems to not break out quite as much as with the Studiofix. You might want to try the Chanel and see how you do with it.
  6. You may want to try Chanel liquid foundation and see if it works. The makeup artist I go to said it's oil free (and it has SPF 15).
  7. I have super sensitive skin. Cetaphil the cleanser works for me, but I use DDF Oil Free moisterizing dew and for SPF, DDF Daily Matte SPF 15. I never break out anymore.
    I also use Prescriptives Oil Free Foundation
  8. Its easy to find oil free.. hard to find oil free/fat free.. moisturizer...

    I do know one in the market though.. it's by clientele... Clientele Cosmetics Online

    EXCELLENT for face lotion.

    My skin type is oily and i use erno lazlo and bare essentuals. Also MAC and no problems!!!
  9. Honestly doesn't sound like you have a problem with finding oil free products, maybe what your using just doesn't agree with your skin....Also, what kind of tools are you using? Sponges get dirty very easy and you really need to keep all your tools clean. I've been using studio fix for years, I don't think it has any mineral oil but if it does it would be soooo minimal because the product is mostly powders.....Mineral oil IS the ingredient everyone should stay away from the most, it doesn't do anything for any skin type, it's just cheap and junkie, it just kinda sits there and can clog things up....There are a lot of good oils out there though and it's important not to strip your skin, actually oil tends to break down oil, so there are high quality products out there that have essential oils in them that actually help clean your pores...Look into Sonya Dakar and Jurlique, I've used and worked for many different cosmetic companies and never liked any of the skin care so I've searched for years for good stuff and really like these two lines...
  10. Also make sure the label say Non-comedogenic.
  11. Not to knock MAC, but a lot of my friends cannot wear their foundation of concealer because it is so irritating and/or breaks them out.

    They all swear by FACE atelier Cosmetics' Ultra foundation. (It is oil-free)
    It is kind of like Armani Luminous Silk but with better coverage and a better feel. Also they have Zero Plus and Zero Minus to match your skin tone or to do contouring/highlighting.
    Also it only takes a little dab so the bottles last a really long time.
  12. THANK YOU ALL for your great suggestions!!!

    Well, I was lazy and bought all of my new oil-free products at one counter and paid dearly for them....Chanel. Plus, everything was "oil-free" and "dermatologist tested," whatever that means...and if they don't work out then I'm free to return them for a refund. I got the Double Perfection powder compact (I loved that it has SPF 10), the Precision Systeme Purete gel cleanser, and the Precision Age Delay moisturizer with SPF 15. I also got the Chanel foundation brush for the powder.

    Since I spent over $85 for all that, I got the Neiman's beauty event tote with lots of little free goodies.

    The Chanel SA helping me was like totally insulting my skin! In a nutshell, he told me that my skin looks "raw, wrinkly, and ravaged with dryness." Uhhhhh....thanks? He then slammed my use of gycolic acid pads (which were recommended by my dermatologist) and said I was wrecking my skin by using then. Um, hello? I NEED those to get rid of all my microcystic acne...he kept disagreeing and telling me that I need to buy his toner instead. :rolleyes: Whatever. Talk about guilting someone AND hard-selling them at the same time.

    I hope my new regimen helps and if not, I'll go running back to NM with receipt in hand! Thanks again, all.
  13. I just started using the DHC skin care line, and I can't believe the results! I used to have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and after just two days of using the deep cleanser, they are GONE! My skin feels really soft, and the little bit of acne I had on my forehead is gone! I haven't tried any of their makeup, because I usually don't wear any, but if it is anything like their other products, I say go for it! You can buy it online at DHC Skincare and Makeup: Olive Oil based beauty from Japan
  14. Kristy, how do you like the Chanel foundation? I have been searching for the perfect "miracle" foundation. I have very oily skin, but I can't seem to find a makeup that is not too cakey, AND controls the oil, AND gives the coverage I need....
  15. you should also try 'Lorac'
    the entire line is great for sensitive skin and their oil-free products are truly oil-free...
    this is because cosmetics products are allowed to put the words oil-free in their products as long as less than 3% of it has oil... oil is necessary in many products to hold it together...
    however, lorac's oil-free product has 0% oil since they found a special way to hold makeup together without oil