Truly, Madly, Deeply FRUSTRATED

  1. Well it seems I have a new bag!!!!!
    But I am sooo mad.
    After DH and I argued last week , he was in London the next day. He called me and we both said our sorries. Then he said "Guess what? I am outside the H store on Royal Exchange, but dont expect anything from there" We had a little joke about it. I was almost tempted to tell him to find out what they had, but I thought I had better not :p
    Anyway next thing , he calls me and tells me there is a very pretty blue bag there. I am like oh what is it?? he puts the SA on and she says "Your husband is so sweet buying you such a wonderful V Day present.
    I am still like errrr what is it???
    Anyway its a 28cm Swift BJ Kelly with SHW !!!!:heart:

    However, I am deeply frustrated going out of my head because he couldnt bring it home that day because he had lots of meetings and was jumping off tube and train all day :crybaby:
    We were hoping to go and get it on the Monday just gone.
    But we couldnt.!!!!!!
    So its still there.
    We had planned to go Friday, but this afternoon DH was involved in a car accident. Well , someone drove right into the back of him. His car has been low-loaded away to the garage.
    DH is OK, although his neck and back are getting stiffer. I think he may have whiplash, and tel him o go to the doctors, but he says he is too busy with work!! DH makes me mad sometimes, he hates the doctors!!! :cursing:
    So my bag is still there. It is driving me mad. I cannot believe I have a Kelly, bought and paid for but not in my hands. :crybaby:
  2. How annoying Raz! Make him go to the doctor though, whiplash is not a joke! Can you get it with a girlfriend and make a day of it?
  3. It was so sweet of him to get it for you, but most importantly he is ok for the most part. Just make sure to get him to the doctor!!!
  4. It does sound as if he needs to go to the dr....can a girlfriend take you? Perhaps, if you explain the situation, they'll ship it to least you'll know it's on its way!!
  5. So sorry to hear about your lovely DH! Make sure he gets seen by a doctor!
  6. I agree..ask them to ship it to you...then take him to the doctor.
  7. Have it shipped and take care of your DH. I hope he feels better soon.
  8. it's so sweet of your dh to buy you such a lovely vday gift.

    i understand your frustration. however, luckily dh is ok and should definetely see a doctor.

    i know you don't have your kelly in hand yet, but you know she's yours (since your dh has bought and paid for it). i agree with everyone else, perhaps try asking the SA to ship the kelly to you?

    hope your dh will be all well again and that you'll have your gorgeous kelly soon!
  9. Have it shipped.
    And take good care of your poor DH who has been so incredibly generous and now needs a lot of TLC from you.
    Let FedEx worry about the delivery, you worry about your DH.
  10. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Congratulations on your adorable bag! You'll love it!! Such a pretty color and leather!
  11. Great new bag! I am sorry to hear you can't actually get your hands on it yet, but hope your DH feels better soon.
  12. No worries...that Kelly is yours!

    I hope hubby recoups...shower him with love.
  13. Oh Raz!!! I am so sorry!!! Like Kellybag says "that kelly is yours"!!! (congrats very exciting!!) But, I am worried about DH! What is it about men and MDs? Try to get him to go, I am worried slightly stiff will turn into very stiff and very painful, and always it is the worst at midnight when everything is closed!! Goodluck!!
  14. But you and I know it's YOURS!! It's only a matter of time before your baby arrives at its new home. Congrats, I can't wait for the pics!
  15. OMG this story is so sweet and yet I feel your frustration!! Shipping is FAST - just do it!!! Hope dh is okay...