Truly Balenciaga! (Malaysia)

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  1. teeehee...:P all u malaysian out there would've gotten the punchline!

    just wanted to share some pics i took in the summer this year back home in KK (Kota Kinabalu), Sabah, East Malaysia! oooh i'm missing home.. right now it's freezing here in canada... :cursing:
    oohh Sabah tanah airku..!! :love:

    View from my room
    summer 2007 kk 015rs.jpg

    look who's peekin' out admiring the view!
    summer 2007 kk 016rs.jpg

    aahh... her tassles in the wind...!!
    summer 2007 kk 026rs.jpg

    hope u guys enjoyed my lil attempt at helping u battle the winter chills..!! :shame:
    it's MIND OVER MATTER! MIND OVER MATTER!!! :hysteric:
  2. Gorgeous bag! It's not cold here yet, but I hope you stay warm snuggled up to your awesome bbag!
  3. Awwwww! It's 9 whole degrees F outside right now- thank you for those pictures- they are lovely!!!
  4. If only .. I could jump into those pictures :girlsigh:... hahah, HOW PRETTY!
  5. 9 Degrees!! Holy CR**. Thats freezing. I met someone from Alaska the other day and they couldn't say enough about how great it is. They say the people are wonderful and you make really good quality friendships. I'd move....but I just love the weather in So Cal!
  6. Here is freezing too :sad:, i'd jump on a flight for everywere right now... love your bag
  7. My in-laws live in So Cal (SD) and they love it- they used to live here but have gotten used to the weather down there- buuut- they kinda don't like the HEAT they get during the summertime in Temecula

    but yeah- I'm comfortable here in the cold :yes: (maybe my bag's aren't- the LV canvas gets REALLY rigid if it's out too long in the environment :confused1::sad:)
  8. ahhh, Malaysia, truly Asia! :heart: I love it.

    thanks so much for the pics - they are beautiful!!
  9. What lovely pictures!! I live in upstate NY (close to the Canadian boarder) so I am freezing w/ya sister! Okay, it is a balmy 29 degrees here but still cold.
  10. Aaaah, that's gorgeous!!!!!:tender:

    Actually, it's summer time here in Sydney, the weather is gorgeous, today was 79F.
    I miss home(NY), but hell, I take Sydney's semi-tropical weather any given day!!!:tup:

    The view you get from your room is just fantastic!!!!! Thanks so much for the gorgy pics:heart:
  11. what beautiful scenery! i bet your bbags enjoying it too!
  12. lovely! thanks for sharing and telling the story in this manner :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for sharing, makes me want to jump on a plane, here it's gotten cold lately...the wind is freezing, grhhhhhhh.
  14. I love the pics! I wish I were there right now; it's 36 degrees and raining here in NYC this morning :yucky:
  15. Those are great pics!