Trully Gutted - my XL Jumbo with GH is not as it should be!!!

  1. Well I have been absolutely estatic this week as my black lambskin XL jumbo is coming on Tues. Yee ha!

    Then I discovered yesterday that it is the one with single strap and not double like I always imagined my first would be..

    I am out of love with her before she even arrives.... Sob sob.. Not looking forward to Tuesday now.

    Will I ever find an XL jumbo with double straps now???

    Sorry for the rant - just gutted.
  2. where did u get the bag? if it's from the boutique, can u exchange it?
  3. Oh, so sorry to hear that it's not the bag that you want...I hope you'll find it soon.
  4. I thought that you could use one strap or double it up for 2 on the
  5. Seahorse - I got it on eBay so no return there.

    JF - Apparently some of the vintage ones only came with one hole to pass the straps through whereas most of the others came with two to make it a double strap. I never paid that much attention and assumed they were all double but alas no!

    Sob sob

    The hunt continues then..
  6. Oh I'm so sorry, maybe you will still love it when it arrives.
  7. Don't fall out of love yet - I am sure it will still be gorgeous:heart:
  8. I actually love the vintage Chanels with one strap!!! It sounds like it will be gorgeous! Personally I think using one strap looks better which is another reason why the E/W flap is so cute!!!! Don't worry, you will LOOOOVE it! :yes:
  9. Aw Rachel - I hope so, seriously I do. Just not feelilng that positive about it

    Thanks Starbrite - I hope it looks good. I am just worried that as I have such a small body that it will look ridiculously long!

    Guess its not long now to find out - she will be here Tuesday!
  10. Well try not to fret too too too much about it before it gets here. Hopefully you'll be so in love with her you'll forget you ever posted this thread! good luck and let us know how it goes.
  11. I think the jumbo looks awesome hanging low, I would'nt like it under the arm . Being that your small it will probally look even better, whata great look having the jumbo slung low on your hip. Try it out and if it is to long there is a way to shorten the strap.
  12. Maybe, worse case scenario, you could have the chain shortened to your liking. I know Chanel doesnt do this but I know of an excellent Leather repair place in NYC that I take all my bags to. They handle repairs for high end bags. Neiman Marcus, and I heard even Chanel sends their things there when they are swamped. I had my chain strap stitch come loose the other day and I stopped by, they sewed it on the spot for me and charged me $20. I couldnt find where they did it it was that good. I didnt have to be without my bag for MONTHS. Anyway, shortening it is an option. They said they do that. I think he told me it was $50.
  13. Aaaawwww...I'm so sorry!! You never know might be love at first sight when it arrives on Tuesday? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :yes: ;)