1. I am curious about a Stam color I saw. It was Truffle, but it was really difficult to see what color it was, exactly. It looked like brown, but it almost had an olive cast to it. I saw a photo, not IRL. Has anyone seen this color up close? Is it a true brown? I would love a brown MJ, but lots of them seem to have a reddish hue, which is nice, but I want a true brown shade.
  2. irl, truffle is a cool toned dark brown with pumpkin orange contrast stitching. it looks very unique.
  3. Thanks! I really like that. I love the orange contrast stitching. Very cool. Have to add that one to my ever growing wish list.
  4. I have a bag in Truffle and I would consider it to be Brown-with reddish undertones... Here is a pic...Sorry I took it in a chair-can't stray too far...

    Here you can see the color against the bottom of the bag which is darker Brown...

  5. is a reddish brown there. looks different under bright flourescent lights. sorry for any confusion! i've always wondered why they use the most jarring, least flattering light for shopping. i contend that sales figures especially of clothing would be much higher in warm, forgiving yellow lighting.
  6. Very pretty. I really like it.

    So many of the online photos of the SAME bag look so different. It is very difficult to make a decision based on all the confusing pics. I like to see it in person first, if at all possible. I am going to take a trip to the MJ store and some of the dept. stores in the near future.

    Thanks for the photos. I love the orange stitching.