1. OK, so i've been drooling over all the GH bags posted in this forum and have been thinking about buying myself one and have been looking around on the web to see if there are any deals- I have found a couple on bluefly and there is one on diabro for a good price but ALL the deals are ALWAYS "truffle" Does anyone have an idea as to why the truffle color is always the one on sale- in your opinion is the color not so nice? is the leather not as good? any thoughts? THANKS!
  2. I've noticed that too. I don't have one, nor have I seen one IRL, but I think the color is especially versatile. The color was put out both in 06, and spring 07. From what I gather there is no difference in the shade between the two years. It might explain why there seems to be more Truffle than other colors left over. :idea:
  3. ^I agree. There was a greater supply of truffle because it was produced in 2 seasons so there's more to be left over. Truffle is very nice IRL. A very nice neutral. It's a brown that's not too dark not too light and has a nice warm tone.
  4. I had an o7 truffe and mine personally had terrible leather - verrrry plasticy, no softness or smooshiness whatsoever. When I called in to exchange the SA I spoke to described the Truffe leather they had in as being "different" [and not in a good way lol]

    BalNY gets bad and good batches, though! I can't imagine the leahter on every single truffe bag being 'different' otherwise tpf members wouldnt have truffe bags :p
  5. Truffle is as versatile as my black Bbag, I use it with almost everything :smile: A perfect brown :tup:
  6. I have one truffle GH work. it's beautiful. :yes:
  7. My 06 truffle/truffe day is very smooshy. But I have seen thin truffle bags too.
  8. I noticed that my truffe bag seemed to be shinier than thenother bags at first...but right now its nicely broken in and very soft...
    I have the feeling its the thickest leather ive ever owned!!
    ME :heart: TRUFFE
  9. I just received truffle gh city today from diabro. (under 1K) I love it. Here's some pics.:tup::tup:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I have the truffle Le Compagnon Zip wallet. The leather is very soft.