Truffle Work, how much do I LOVE her?

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  1. How much do I LOVE her :love: :love: :love: Let me count the ways….

    CityChris, thanks again for being my Bbag Fairy GodMother ;)
    Work1.jpg Work2.jpg
  2. Yummy leather!!!
  3. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i don't know how much u love her :p
    but i think i know how much would it be if i have it :yes:

    congrats on such a gorgeous bag :party:
  5. I'm taking this new baby with me to New Orleans, LA and Tucson, AZ in early Feb. I will be prancing around town so somebody better spot me :yes: I fully expect to see a posting in the "Was that you..." thread :p
  6. yummy yummy yummy .. I LOVE IT!!
  7. Congratulations. What a lovely Work! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Oh charlie the work is TDF - I have a truffle city too and let me tell you you're going to be complimented on the colour every time you step out of the door!!!
  9. Beautiful new BBag, Girlycharlie!:love:Congrats !!:yes:
  10. :yahoo: Very happy for you girlycharlie. I love that color, and I'm a total fan of the part time. Haven't decided on the color I want it in, but seeing yours gives me hope.

    Congratulations and enjoy.
  11. Thanks all :heart: You wouldn't believe how much junk I have in it... I've got to downsize. I mean, do I really need to tote around a bottle of Advil, 2 waters, umbralla, 2 make-up bags and my address book :confused1: Geez :yucky:
  12. That's a GORGEOUS truffle!!! And a Work no less!! :nuts:

    Congrats! And I totally know where you're coming from with the lugging around of too many things :p
  13. That bag is soooo pretty! :yes: Don't you just love the work? In truffle no less? Congrats!!
  14. :drool: Beautiful. Enjoy! It looks like a yummy brownie.:drool:
  15. CONGRATS!!! thanks for sharing pics!!!