Truffle Work - BIN 999 or BO

  1. OMG!!! great deal! some PFers should grab this quick!
  2. Thanks slinks and seahorse!
  3. Oh CityChris :drool:
  4. Oh citychris... You're truly evil. Now I'm gonna have this bag on my mind the entire day :crybaby:
  5. it's gone!
  6. GREAT bag and price. I was thinking about getting this one.
  7. I got it :yahoo: The bag ban is not working... now I have to sell my grey Shopping to pay for this :rolleyes:
  8. Congrats Girliecharlie! I think the Work is so much cooler than the shopping! you traded up (no offense to the members who like the shopping style!) IMO! Congrats CityChris too on a quick sale!
  9. Thank you, I can't wait to get it :smile: No more Bbags until I win the lottery, I swear :rolleyes:
  10. :choochoo: what an amazing deal! And to think, I almost considered purchasing this same bag at NM at retail plus taxes! You did so well on purchasing this one-- love the truffle work!!!! :heart: I've just gone on a serious purse ban so could only dream of getting this one!
  11. ^^ good job, congrats girly!!! :party:
  12. Congrats girlycharlie!!

    It's a GORGEOUS Work!! :yes:
  13. WAHOOOO! congrats girlycharlie :yahoo:
  14. girlycharlie - I'm glad you got it!