Truffle vs Cinamon

  1. My next purchase will be a First and I am considering the Truffle and the Cinamon. I haven't seen either IRL though. Does anyone have a picture of these 2 colors for a side by side comparison? (fingers crossed)

  2. I love the Truffle as a year round color and Cinamon is simply yummy :drool: Good luck with your choice ;)
  3. Truffle is so gorgeous. Especially with the GGH. I love it!
  4. Cinammon, no question.
  5. The cinamon looks sooo yummy, but I am debating because I am looking at a really good deal on the truffle. Decisions, decisions....:confused1:
  6. Cinamon.. the leather this season is sO plush & sm:huh:shy, makes a big difference. :smile:
  7. oh.... hard decision... I prefer the truffle... something about it with GH that makes it soooo vintage... I'm considering one even though I've already got a cafe! but then the cinnamon is growing on me esp in the twiggy! and the leather of the cinnamon looks soooo yummy! the thing about truffle is that some people have said that some truffle leather is a bit dry and blah??? maybe someone can expand???
  8. I have a truffle money and a cinnamon day...I'll post pics. Give me a bit to get them up.
  9. I haven't seen Cinnamon IRL, but I've seen Truffe w/RH and GGH, and although I'm not usually a GH fan - I really prefer this color w/GH. It just seemed bland w/the RH [though I may have just gotten a particularly dark/"blah" one.. cause some pictures look gorg!]... but also this current's season leather is soooo amazing :drool:
  10. Here are a couple of pics...I hope this helps:[​IMG]
  11. I'm not good at this here's the second:[​IMG]
  12. Wow...I have a Truffle Twiggy and I thought it was a fairly rich brown...until seeing the comparison pic with the Cinnamon. HUGE difference!! Truffle looks more like a light chocolate to me now. :shocked:
  13. ITA! Good luck on your decision :heart:
  14. I'd say go for the cinnamon. I was debating between these colors as well and went with the cinnamon and have no regrets... the leather is is amazing!
  15. :huh:Ooh.. good pics...;)