Truffle VS Cafe? Pictures Anyone? TIA!

  1. I'm trying to figure out the differences between Truffle and Cafe. I bought a Truffle Bowling Bag from NM and I returned it because I thought the color was horrible. But now after seeing more pictures of Truffle I'm beginning to like it. Any pictures or insights would be appreciated.

  2. hmm... maybe you should do a search on it... I had the same dilemma as you and did a search and found a few pics... sorry i dont know how to insert links...

    but I have the cafe and love it color... altho I still wonder at times whether I should have got the truffle instead... both colors are gorgeous though...

    I think truffle is one of those colors that you GROW to love rather than love at first sight...
  3. love cafe it has a hint of black and garnet. truffle sounds a fun name but the color is on a predictable side. :smile:
  4. Here ya go: My Truffle City and Cafe Work



    Cafe is a lot darker than's just like a dark choco bar without any undertones.
  5. Sorry don't have pics, but I would explain it this way: truffle is a medium *muddy* brown, whereas cafe is a dark and rich brown.
  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts: That Cafe is incredible!!! I had no idea how dark it was compared to Truffle. AAACKK!!!!
  7. Truffle Bowling:

    Cafe Flat Messenger (very difficult to get an accurate color shot) :
    r1.jpg m2.jpg
  8. I also have a qns abt truffle, is there a difference btw 06 truffle vs 07 truffle? Which color is better? thanks!
  9. i assume the pics posted here are 07 truffle right, correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. My Truffle GH work.
  11. Sorry, the Truffle Bowling is 06

    The Cafe Flat Messenger is 07
  12. My 06 Truffle....gorgeous color! But just sold I have too many brown bags. The color looks very vintage, I think.
  13. Janette : Ur truffle bag looks gorgeous and i love the vintage look. I think i'm getting to like it and wuld love to own one too!:smile:
  14. Awww. Thanks:heart::heart:
    I had my doubts before I got Cafe, but now I'm in LOVE! The leather rapidly broke in as well, and she's just so soft and smooshy now:tup:

    Cafe is really dark... the color won't definitely be mistaken as black, but it's about 2,3 shades darker than Truffle.
  15. I saw a cafe first today at Barney's and I love it!!!!