Truffle Twiggy owners need your help. & Anyone else w/ an opinion

  1. When you open the front zipper pocket is the leather the same color as the rest of your bag? I just picked mine up and although I checked the bags outside I just noticed this when I got home. The leather on the inside zipper pocket is SOOOOOOO much darker then the rest of the bag. Geez, one more thing to bug me. Can I live with this???:confused1:
    P1030225.JPG P1030226.JPG P1030227.JPG
  2. I do love your bag, but the outsides looks realy pale.
    Perhaps U can use some leathercream to make it a little bit
    darker en more glossy.

    I also have a truffle bag the messenger and it didnt get so pale
    just some small scratches and marks on it.

    Good luck,
    FX van Leeuwen
  3. Woah.. that's a big difference! My truffle work isn't like that. Can you go switch it out? Are there anymore left?
    But, it is on the inside and is not really noticeable.. However if I paid all the $, I would want it to be perfect.
  4. It's going back. Now to describe to an SA exactly what I want over the phone. UY
  5. I have a Truffle Twiggy and the inside of the pocket is a shade or two darker than the body of the bag - but no where near as much difference as yours :confused1: :shrugs:
  6. Here's a pic of mine I just bought last looks identical to the exterior of the bag...HTH! :yes:
  7. ^^Deb~ you're dog is sooooooooooooo cute!:heart: Is he or she a pup? minature?
  8. I love your truffle twiggy. If mine had looked like yours I would not have returned it. I have noticed there has been alot of variation in leather with the truffles i've seen.

    I don't know if the inside being darker would bother me...:s but the outside is beautiful.

    I hope you find one you are completely happy with, good luck!:yes:
  9. the leather looks great thoo.. very thick and not too veiny
  10. That's my Goddog Shakka!! :rolleyes: She's a miniature Schnauzer...she turned 10 last month. Her owners go out of town frequently and we get the privilege of caring for her when they go. She is so sweet...
  11. Well it went back. Now on the hunt for the perfect Truffle twiggy.
  12. I dont think I ever looked at the leather on the inside of the pockets! see? I am sooo not an expert on these bags! Now we're gonna drive ebay sellers completely crazy! "can I see a picture of the leather on the INSIDE of the pocket please?" :nuts: