Truffle or Black and Why

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  1. If you could buy a truffle or black bbag, which one would you get and why?

    I ask because I'm buying my first bbag after drooling for months over a particular style and I'm completely undecided between the two. Clothes aren't an issue for me because I have an equal amount of black and brown although buying a bbag might influence which color I lean on for future clothing purposes. After checking my closet, I admit to having many more black shoes than brown. Lastly, the style I'm eyeing is a clutch so my hands will be on the leather a lot.

    Thanks in advance for all your responses!
  2. I would say black as it goes with everything plus I find most truffles are veiny and I dont like that.
  3. Gosh, this is too hard because I have both :tup: IMHO, you need both :yes:
  4. I have both!!!
    My truffle twiggy is not veiny at all, the leather is super nice
    I'm going to post pics.
  5. [​IMG]

  6. NICE :tup: She's pretty... now you have me reconsidering the Twiggy... how big is she? about 15" long?
  7. your truffle is fab - first one I have seen that great looking - congrats
  8. I'd go with truffle, I'mnot a huge fan of black, and black is available every season.

  9. Me too. I think that truffle is a super neutral brown. You can wear it w/ anything. Black you can never go wrong with. Both would be a perfect first bag. Truffle was my first, then french blue....etc.
  10. I would say black but I am slightly biasied, LOL. I have more black shoes and I love my black bbags!!!!
  11. my mom just bought the black twiggy yesterday, its beautiful,but i love both colors
  12. I'd say go with the Truffle, because it's only available for a limited time, and black is always available.
  13. I got a Truffle Work and I'm loving it! :wlae: