Truffle Matelasse on sale!!

  1. I was just at Bob Ellis and I was looking at their sale handbags and found a truffle matelasse (FW 2006) on sale for $699!! That's a bargain for someone who really wants one!

    If interested call them at 843-722-2515 and ask for Bruce, he's my SA and very sweet!

    He had called me to show me a new bbag (not motorcycle) and it was nice but too dressy for me. Had a lot of gold hardware and stuff on it, big and black, a nice bag but not for me
  2. I'm going down there next week. Do you recall if there were other b'bags on sale, bal newbie?
  3. I didn't see any but I also forgot to ask Bruce while I was there. He's so nice I would just call and ask him.
  4. Could someone post the direct link to the bag, pretty please?

    I'm at work and my computer won't let me click on the pop-up to get into the site from the main page... :sad:

  5. I don't remember the site's password
  6. correction: tag read "2007 1" so it was a truffle from SS 07, nice leather.
  7. Hi everyone. I was just at Bob Ellis on July 5th and I purchased the aqua colored matelasse in medium for $699. The only Balenciaga left on sale was the truffle colored one already mentioned. Bruce sent it to my house to save me an extra $40. There were a lot of other bags including gucci and Chloe left.
  8. Did I mention how nervous I am since this will be my 1st balenciaga and although it looked great on my arm in the store I don't know if I made the right decision. I go home wednesday so I'll see it again then.
  9. Good grief - the aqua matelasse for $699? *faints*

    Lindacris - I know that sounds like a lot of money to spend on a bag, but that is pocket change for what you got!!! You could always resell it on eBay for AT LEAST what you paid.
  10. Great bag, great price!!!
  11. Thanks fiatflux and green eggs. I guess I'm nervous because I had it shipped and haven't seen it since I bought it and read in another thread how some tpfers don't like that style.
  12. I know I am in the minority but I just love this bag. I saw it in person at Barneys Seattle and think it just looks adorable on. I bought the large size black one from Diabro and can't wait for it to arrive.