truffle giant work on bluefly!

  1. It's gone now
  2. it's back up...along with black RH part-time, mahogany SGH besace shoulder bag and a small coin wallet.
  3. are the prices a good price?
  4. I am not a morning person, by the time I woke up today, they are gone.
  5. Wow what finds...I just looked, only the Besace GSH is left.
  6. if you use the truffle giant PT bag above, you can get to it and it is available.
  7. yup, truffle PT still available. not that popular huh...?
  8. I won't buy from Bluefly UNTIL they have the 20% off codes again. Some prices are above retail, so after there fake discount, you are paying full retail at best. They are so annoying....