Truffle GH brief on Bluefly now! Go go go!

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  1. it's gone already
  2. Sorry you missed it, winniejo! I cross-posted the link on Deals and Steals, and there were 3 people reading that particular thread right then, so I think a fellow TPFer might've gotten it. Hooray! :yahoo:
  3. It's back again :yahoo::drool: Oh my... should I, should I not... some body enable me :shrugs:
  4. ^ That is a thread from last year, and no longer accurate.
  5. I don't hesitate to buy bags from Bluefly, but only because they have a generous return policy which gives me plenty of time to authenticate it.

    I have bought a total of 7 bags from Bluefly over the past 6 months, and all have been authentic.
  6. Oh no oh no oh no... I did buy it :Push: Did I buy a FAKE :yucky: :confused1:

  7. NO, NO, NO!!! Don't panic!!!! It's sure to be fine and even IF.....they are great with returns! But you won't need to, anyway. Great deal!!!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. OK, I'm calmer now... I'll post pics when I get it and will send it back if fake. Errrr, what if they won't take it back because it's fake and accuse me of switching :confused1::crybaby::confused1:
  9. There's no way they could accuse someone of switching - there's a tag on there that can't be duplicated. So don't worry. They will still take it back as long as the tag is in place. :yes:
  10. It's available again...