Truffle French Nanny?

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  1. LOL, this sounds like a secret code name! But has anyone seen a pic of this or seen it irl? The truffle boogie looks so gorgeous, wondering if the fn is as yummy.
  2. I saw this spring's fudgesickle French Nanny and it was gorgeous. I think I would like the truffle even better, it's darker and richer looking.
  3. I think a truffle french nanny would look beautiful!
  4. I don't think the Truffle FN bags have been produced yet, but here are my thoughts....anything that looks like chocolate is GOOD. :lol: Get one!
  5. ^^^justjulie13, I feel your urge... for CHOCOLATE in any way, shape or form...

    I am a chocolate FANATIC!
  6. I love chocolate too! The Truffle Boogie is gorgeous so I would only imagine the FN to be the same! :drool:
  7. Agreed... cocoa colored anything in Tano can't be a bad thing!
  8. I agree - the fudgesickle was gorgeous (I considered one and I normally don't even like brown bags!), and I imagine the truflle will be equally yummy. And the FN is a perfect style - you just can't go wrong!
  9. I'm waiting to see the french nanny in truffle too. I like the truffle with silver.