Truffle family on it's journey from the UK to NY!

  1. So far last year and this year I have been able to snag a few Balenciaga items at almost 70% off from Harvey Nicholls

    The purse is not my 1 fav. style but I think for $500 I can make it work. On their way, A Truffle Purse and matching coin purse. All for $599 US total !!!!! I'll post more photos when they arrive.
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    coin truff.JPG DSC02224.JPG
  2. NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!! that is the deal of the century

  3. What??!!??? That's amazing!!

    How did you swing that Z&J?
  4. I know. I kept putting it off and finally called today. When they got back to me they told me the price was just lowered. I'm so excited!
  5. OMG!!! :nuts:

    Congrats! Awesome deal!

    what else do they have left?
  6. WHAT AN AWESOME DEAL!!! CONGRATS!!! It really pays off when you make the effort in the hunt...
  7. WOW! That's great!!!Why can't we have sales like that here in the US????:crybaby:

  8. I know you'd think we would. The best I've found is 30% off and that was nothing I wanted.
  9. My jaw dropped when I read your post. That is a AMAZING deal for these awesome items! I'm jealous!!!!
  10. That's great! CONGRATS!!!! :smile:
  11. Holy crap! That's amazing! Congrats!
  12. that is a great deal! i love truffle! congrats!
  13. Wow! what a steal! :yahoo:
  14. Great Deal !!!!
    Even with's worth it !!!!!!!
    Congrats !!!
  15. Oh and I forgot $40 for shipping. Still should come to $700 w/ customs and shipping. I'm still happy!