Truffle Box...

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  1. Great color! I can't wait I just ordered me a Truffle Purse. ENJOY your Box!
  2. MRG - Congrats on your truffle purse. That color is so nice.

    Also a belated thanks to your post about the ink shrug. I hope it will work out for me.
  3. Thanks WCLC! I hope to get something in Ink soon!
  4. WOW:drool: She is so beautiful....I don't think it is very distressed...just perfect. Congrats!!!
  5. thanks again!
    i love her and can't stop showing her off to everyone who comes over. even if they know nothing about b-bags. they just look at me and are probably thinking "what???"
  6. LOVE the color.!! congrats!

    mrg..i just tried on a truffle purse yesterday at NM in vegas, DIVINE. i wanted to take it home with meeeee...
  7. i love truffle! congrats!
  8. I love that! The distressing is just right. Congratulations!
  9. ^^ i love it pooh_girl!!! :love:
  10. thanks for all the compliments!
    i used her today for the first time, and i couldn't wipe my smile off my friends kept asking me what's so funny? haha...i just had to laugh about it, as not too many of them understand my purse obsesion.
  11. wow congrats!!! it's so gorgeous :smile:
  12. Love the name, love the bag...Sweet!!!!!
  13. I love your bag! That color is TDF! Would you say that the picture you posted is the true color of your bag or is it lighter IRL? Ive noticed that everyones truffle color bags are different. I lreally love the warm color of your truffle box!
  14. Congrats!!! It looks yummy!
  15. thanks....i love the color too. i was expecting something a bit darker actually because of pics i have seen of other people's bag. but the color of my bag is actually pretty accurate in the pictures. i had a truffle twiggy, and that was actually lighter than my box now, so i am very happy with the color of the box!!