Truffle Box...

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  1. I got my Truffle Box from Daphne at BalNy yesterday!! i love it. She did tell me when i asked about it that she had 3 left, and they all had a considerable amount of distressing. I asked her to send it anyways, just so i can see it. She said she would personally pick out the best looking one as i couldn't do it myself...well, i got it and i have to say that she did a great job as this Box is perfect!!!
    here we go....

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  2. wow! that color is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :love: :love: :love:
  3. Congratulations!!! I love it!
  4. 0o0o0o CONGRATS on your new BOX... she looks perfect!
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh man I cannot wait for mine! It is almost painful! Your box is beautiful, I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come :smile:
  6. OH! That is pretty and not really bad with the distressing, congrats!!!
  7. Yay!:yahoo:

    I love it..............It's perfect.:smile:
  8. It looks wonderful, so amazing how from bag to bag the color is so diffrent, it really looks much warmer than others I've seen.

  9. Sooo gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Congratulations. Your truffle box is so pretty.
  11. WOW :drool: That color is gorgeous! Lots of gold tones, I really love that bag. It's not at all veiny and the leather looks gorgeous!! Congratulations. I just might have to get another box before they are all gone. :yes:
  12. thanks for all the replies!!!
    i love the color and it is amazing how all colors are so different from bag to bag! i had a truffle city, and i remember it being a lot warmer than this one! i just recently sold 2 boxes, and decided that i can not be without it, so i had to buy another.
    funny...the more bbags i sell, the more i end up with!!
    it's fate telling me that no matter how many of these beauties i sell, i will always end up with more..or at least that's what i tell the hubby to justify all this spending:graucho:
  13. It's so sweet!
  14. a VERY yummy box (of chocolates)!! :love:
  15. Oooooooooo...great colour!!! Congrats!!!!!!!