Truffle anyone?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a Truffle City, anyone have one that cares to comment?:shrugs:
  2. I got the City in it. Then I just received the Afternoon in Marron (dark brown).. love it, too :nuts:

    I think the color is very versatile.
  3. My BF's mom has a Truffle City but she never uses it. In my opinion, it looks very veiny and the leather is rather thin. Maybe she just got a bad bag?
  4. I don't have a truffe, the ones I saw had really nice leather but the color was a little dull, now some pics I've seen here show great truffe bags with a deeper darker brown, so I think it really varies from bag to bag.
  5. I have a Truffle City in the deeper brown, and I love it!!! The color is gorgeous! The color does vary alot in the Truffle, so if you don't see it in person, ask the SA fro the darker, richer shade of this color. I bought mine in NM in Short Hills N.J. and I had 3 city bags in this color to choose from, and they all varied in the color alot! One looked like a very light milk chocolate color, and did not even look like Truffle at all. I think you will love this color alot! I do! Good Luck on your hunt for the perfect Truffle!
  6. I have one but it's a Christmas present so I haven't used it yet. I like the color though--it's darker brown. I think it will be a very versatile color.
  7. I have a Truffle City and I just love it. Here is a picture of mine. It is looking flat because I have not taken in out of its dustbag since September.
    Truffle 1.jpg
  8. I have one and its beautiful...a bit veiny though but still gorgeous!!

    Here it is
    truffle lti.jpg
  9. Yours is not veiny at all. Very nice!! ;)
  10. I love my truffle city because it is such a versatile color - not too red, not too olive/green. It really works with any outfit & the city is the perfect size for an everyday purse!