Truffle and Marron 06?

  1. Can anyone explain to me the difference between truffle and marron 06? I've seen pictures here but sometimes descriptions can help a lot too! Many thanks in advance.
  2. Marron is a medium dark brown - lighter than cafe (which is almost black) but darker than truffle. Truffle is a lighter brown with gold undertones. I'm not good at describing colors though, so maybe someone else wants to chime in? HTH...
  3. Thanks luvmygirls :smile: Yes I think it's a description of the undertones that I am after. I prefer more neutral looking browns to reddy browns. From what I can tell truffle and marron 06 both have neutral undertones?
  4. I have both and the Marron has an ash tone to it and the Truffle has more of a golden tone to it.
  5. Both are definitely in the neutral category, IMO. Neither has red or orange-y undertones. Truffle looks great with the giant hardware IMO because of its lovely golden undertones. :drool:

    Maybe some pics would help you?

    This is my dearly departed marron afternoon:


    And this is my truffle GH PT (sorry, this is watermarked with my ebay ID - it's NOT a stolen pic!)


    Hope this is helpful! :P
  6. Thanks your replies have definately helped :yes:
  7. [​IMG]
    Here's a pic of marron 06 at the beach. Beautiful brown!