Truely I will ban myself after these...*rolling eyes*

  1. So, eventhough DH said that I have enough handbags for the rest of my life, I just had to say "YES" to the Metallic Black last Friday and then this gorgeous scarf that I bought today...:heart:

    First up...Metallic Black...but sadly it might need to go back to the store because I found some small white streaks on the bag.:crybaby: I will go to NM this Friday and hope that my favorite SA will be able to fix it.


    Then is my first scarf from at first sight...:girlsigh:

    ...I love to wear jeans, and this color will go along with them perfectly!:love:
  2. congrats on your new purchases! i hope your SA can help you with the bag, it's gorgeous!
  3. ooh love your bag!
    and your scarf is so pretty too!
  4. Pretty!!!! LOVE the reissue, love the scarf... congratz!!!
  5. Mm great choices! Hope everything works out with the reissue.
  6. very pretty purchases. :smile: totally worth it!
  7. gorgeous bag and love the scarf!
  8. Congrats on your new purchases. I hope they can get you a brand new Metallic.
  9. Nice bag, hope you can get the problem resolved.
    I absolutely adore that scarf!
  10. Congrats on your beautiful new reissue and scarf! :heart:
  11. ohhh... pretty bag - i hope everything works out with removing the white streaks!
  12. BEAUTIFUL BAG, and that's such a pretty scarf! :lol: i know what u mean about "bag bans", they're so hard to stay on!!!
    Congrats nonetheless and i hope NM is able to get rid of the white streaks for u, or at least get u a new bag!
  13. Thanks for letting me share my joy and worry here. I really hope that they can fix those streaks. When I first saw the bag last Fri, I noticed a little mark on the front of the bag and I asked if they can take that out. So they did, and removed the mark. After that, it was in the box till this morning when I decided to take it out to admire it. Argh, that's when I noticed about those white streaks on that same area that was treated for the spot. I am hoping that those streaks might be the leftover from whatever that they used to remove the spot. *fingers cross*:shrugs:
  14. beautiful bag!!! congrats and hope your SA can fix it. or maybe ask for exchange different bag... good luck!!
  15. love your new bag and your scarf!
    and I totally know what you mean...bans are just meaningless...