True white Chanel purses

  1. So I've seen some of the white Chanels.. but a lot of them seem to be more of a cream color.. which Chanel purses are truly white?
  2. my caviar medium classic is a true white
  3. my white diamond stitch white flap, is white, but kind of a bone white, but DEFINETLY NOT cream
  4. Yes, I have one too and it is pure white.
  5. Yup that was the only one that I saw was a true white..
  6. The timeless clutch in white is a true white too!!:love: so crisp and pretty!
  7. I've seen a true white GST and of course the caviar flaps and diamond stitch (which is coming back for fall).
  8. Oh yes...i saw the white GST the other day too. it is a true white and its adorable!!
  9. Yea that's true ... the GST is pretty true white.
  10. do they get easily dirty???? how do you ladies clean them?
  11. So far none of my whites have got any dirt of them. I don't use my white GST or white clutch as much as my classic flap...which I use a lot and so far so good...just damp cloth...thats all I have done to it.
  12. Baby wipes work really well.
  13. beautiful color -
    Love the white!!!
  14. My white jumbo is as white as it gets and it has stayed quite clean!
  15. good to know, thanks girls!