True to my Resolution: Buying FRENZY! (outlet +ebay)

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  1. As always, great stuff!
  2. um..i guess you love purple...aaay? Love all of your purchases congratulations!!!!
  3. wowzaaaa!!!! love the lurex pouch and the amanda satin foldover!!! congrats!!!

    you sure know how to shop, girl!!!
  4. Way to stick to your resolution! It's as if you are accomplishing two things--stick to a resolution and complete sets.
  5. OMG, you had a wonderful shopping experience! What great stuff you found. Good job! Congratulations. :yes:
  6. My favorite color is purple. So I LOVE to see your posts knowing they will be full of purpleness!!!! Awesome stuff! How exciting!!
  7. omg i love the crossbody!! great price and color!!
  8. OH!!! and i almost forgot! BUNNYMASSEUSE is the one that sent me the link for the purple python lipstick case! thanks bunny!


    there's the pic from the auction!
  9. Melanie you did some major shopping! I like it all and I love the purple :drool: Now if only I could find deals like that!
  10. LOVE everything...especially the purple!