True to my Resolution: Buying FRENZY! (outlet +ebay)

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  1. WHOA!! I love looking at your collection.. such eye candY!
  2. wow that stuff is great it is totally TDF I love it congrats
  3. Way to stick to your resolution. I know it must be hard to stick to =P hA!I love everything you got!! COngrats!
  4. #34 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    Woweee, that's purply-burply good! :tispy:
  5. Wow, great haul! Are the madison wallets on sale? I got mine a week ago. Paid $138 for it.
  6. I love all your purple stuff! I actually just got back from getting some amanda stuff at the outlet and considered that clutch. It is too cute!
  7. Oh my GOD your Sabrina set is beautiful and so is the other purple set. TDFTDFTDF :heart:

  8. i got it for $40!!!!!
  9. yes...they are clearance...i was tempted to get one a few weeks ao but thought i would hold now they are 87 on clearance
  10. Thanks for responding. Maybe I can get a price adjustment.:tup:
  11. Your stuff is gorgeous!!! I love it all! I've never seen the lipstick case before...I must go looking for it!
  12. Wow congrats, looks like you found a lot of great deals and a lot of purple! ;)
  13. loove all the purple!! you rock
  14. First of all, I LOVE that you were able to convince the store manager to honor the price adjustment...seems so arbitrary to have a 14 day cutoff, IMO it should be 30 but I digress. Second, all of your new goodies are awesome! Even better because they were such good deals. I especially love the satin Amanda, she's gorgeous! Enjoy! :woohoo:
  15. Finally getting to see your stuff! I'm loving everything!!!