True religion

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  1. Where is the best deal on true religions online?
  2. revolve you can use the 20% off code on TR, um..vibetheboutique has a 20% off code..standardstyle too. Oh so does shoprapunzel. I just go thru reesycakes to see who has codes. Oh and you can get good deals on, I sell my jeans there
  3. cool thanks.
  4. Please help with the difference between the truel religion BIG T and the other ones what does the BIG T mean.
  5. Big T has bigger buttons and a different selection of washes. And they cost more (obviously). Not too much of a difference. If you are a first time customer to revolve, you can get 30% off (see for the link). Also, if you don't mind used, try the honestforum mall has a good selection.
  6. Big T also has larger threads
  7. i am a first time user but does it work on true religion, since i am a very petite girl i think i shoouldnt go for the big t
  8. the first time code does work on tru religion, i just did it! unfortunately the ones i wanted were out of stock so they refunded mny money, but the code went through.

    i'm on the smaller side and i didn't like how the big-t's fit me.
  9. has a section on fitting sizes and where to get TR jeans. I don't know much about TR myself, but the girls there certainly do. Good luck! :smile:
  10. and, have a large variety, theeey also have the SUPER T, which has new washes and really large thread, I LOVE TR, I have nearly 25 pairs!
  11. now has True Religion jeans. They don't have a huge selection, but they're discounted & you can use coupon codes from the handbag giveaway game.
  12. revolve has the best selection on True Religions but they are really stingy w/ their coupons now. i'm petite too (5'2-5'3 only) and i loooove big T! the big threading and buttons really embellish the jeans :smile:. they are my fav brand of denim the moment.
  13. i ordered a pair of true religions from revolve and was soooo happy to find out i didn't get charged any duty to canada! what a bonus! just more incentive to buy another pair.
  14. Alright Almost Done...
    How Do The Stretch Fit, Tight Or Do They Run Big. Are They Really Stretch.

    I Am Deciding Between Two Colors Saddle Back Or Easy Rider, Does Anyone Have It In Person To Compare?

    Here Are Pics
    TRUE-WJ115_V1.jpg TRUE-WJ132_V1.jpg
  15. I always have to size down in stretch. The ones i have are not super stretchy though. Havent seen either color irl, sorry.
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