True Religion sample sale LA

  1. This Friday-Sunday from 10am-8pm.

    Santa Monica Barker Hangar
    3021 Airport Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Credit card and cash only.
    No backpacks, strollers or large bags allowed in.
  2. shoot! i have to work! do you know the prices?
  3. Heeeheee.
  4. Nope..suppose to be their annual blowout sale. So should be wholesale or lower.
  5. Hey! I thought you weren't buying any more jeans! :roflmfao:
  6. i can't resist a sale! :shame:
  7. Oh my god!! I neeeed to live in California! I have been dying for a new pair of True Religions but don't have the money!! I want to cry!
  8. Is there a phone number? Can you order them? I live in massachusetts and I would love a new pair. I wish we had stuff like that around here
  9. cant call, they dont ship what so ever. its a sample sale..first come, first serve, people line up for these events in the wee hrs of the morning. you gotta be willing to try stuff on right then and there haha, its exciting.
  10. Do you know if they're having one in San Francisco. I need Joey's!
  11. You & me both! They are the best fitting jeans I have ever had!
  12. I really want a new pair of TR, but I will be out of town this weekend :rant: I wonder if I can get my friend to go.. :idea:
  13. I would kill to be able to go to that
  14. so did anyone end up going?
  15. OK...update on the sale...there's no try on so know your size before you go there...all jeans are $90 and the damage one are $60. Most of the jeans are from last season...I end up walk out empty handed. :cool: