True Religion, S4AMK, D&G 40% off FRENCH CUFF

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was at an Amnesty Internatioanl event in NYC yesterday (from Boston) and happened to go into this really trendy store called FRENCH CUFF. It was near the Chinese Embassy (35th)(1st/2nd ave). I think the store is on 3rd ave or a neighboring parallel street and i think its on 34th street or somewhere near there. I'm not used to NYC addresses. I tried looking online for the address but i couldn't find it. I remember there being a starbucks one block from it. And the starbucks was one block from the station on 33rd. SO yeah anyway they had a great selection of designer items, most of the jeans were 40% off and the selection as HUGE!!!!! So yeah you def should check it out. I didn't buy anything b/c i wasn't sure if it was real? If it was fake there was no way of returning it since i live in Boston so i didn't bother. How could a store have 40% off? But yeah, definitiely check it out. It did seem legit and very upscale!! Let me know if this store is real. You all probably have heard about it before or already have been there to the sale.

    THey have men's and women's... im not sure about kids. Both selections were plentiful and had major sales in each section.
  2. Thanks for the tip! Going to NYC in a couple of weeks and might be able to check it out!
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