True Religion Kate Crop

  1. Anyone have these? I am thinking that these look cute for spring. I don't like my jeans too tight though. How do these fit? Flattering or do you have to be really tall and really thin to pull these off? Thanks
  2. i have them! They're great and definitely flattering. I'd suggest getting a size smaller than you usually do, however.. they run a litttttle big. I'm 5'4.5" and 110 lbs (size 26/27) and they are wonderrfull. Currently pondering ordering them in Grey :yes:
  3. [​IMG]

    Not the best picture but this is me wearing them in a picture posted on the Wardrobe thread a few weeks back:smile:
  4. Hey Sammydoll,

    Super cute pic!! We are almost the exact same size!! I am 5' 4.5 and 108lbs. Although, I have a longer torso, I hope these jeans are still crop on me :smile: What size did you order in the kate crop? I would rather my jeans be on the looser side than the tighter side, so I am not sure that I would size down. I am a 26 pretty much across the board. Where did you order yours from?

  5. Cute! I actually bought them in person at NM while on a trip in Philly almost a month ago.. I tried on both the 26 and 27 and got the 26 because they simply fit more to my liking.. i have no butt and a very small waist but curvy hips and these fit a little higher than other TR styles so i'm guessing that's why i sized down. They have quite a lot of colors on, though.. that's where i'd be ordering the grey from if i decided to. (Use 'JT' at checkout and get 15% off, btw.)

    Hope this helps, i'm very picky when it comes to jeans and these are great!
  6. i tried them on in one of the lighter blue rinses and ended up ordering the grey from revolve. i loved the fit when i tried them, but wasn't crazy about the colour i tried on. i'm 5'2'' and thought they looked great with flats or tucked inside my tall boots, so i don't think you need to be tall to pull them off. should get them this week, can't wait they're so perfect for spring! i also ordered a size smaller than usual b/c i found they ran a little big.
  7. Thanks so much. This information is very helpful. I am definetly ordering a pair however, I 'm still not sure if I am going to order a size down.
  8. i got mine today and i love, love, love them! the grey is great, very flattering. can't wait to wear them. and the best part about crops, no hemming!!! can you tell i'm short? hehehe! :yes:
  9. Great!! I ordered them in grey and should get them tomorrow. That's fantastic that you are loving yours.
  10. OMG - these are sooo cute !
  11. Received my grey pair today and didn't like them :yucky: I am sending them back and I am going to order the dark blue. I think they are a different fit? Anyone else have this experience.? The grey seem to be much tighter fitting as I am a size 26 in almost every jean and the 26 in the kate crop were VERY snug and I didn't like that! anyway, I'll let you know how the dark wash fit when I get them. They are very cute though.
  12. oh no! that's too bad! did u get a rigid or a strech cut? i fit the rigid fits are usually more snug than the strech in TR.
  13. i really want these but all sold out at the stores near me. I was going to order on line just really unsure what size to get. I tend to wear 25 or 26 depending on how much stretch.
  14. I bought them in pony express ( I think that is the name) the dark blue with stetch.
    Anyways, I went down a size.
    I really like them. They are very comfortable and cute.
  15. i ordered the grey today! :yes: