True Religion Johnny's - First pair of TR's, NEED HELP!

  1. Ok! This may be a stab in the dark, but if anyone owns these, or something even similar:

    True Religion
    The General (I think this refers to the colour?)
    98% cotton 2% elastin

    Size up / down, do they stretch out? Any help is appreciated, since their sizing seems to be SO inconsistent! I want to get it right, because returns to Revolve from Canada aren't free :sad:

    Here is a pic:
    Is a 15" opening at the leg skinny / slim / straight???
  2. 15" opening is straight, not skinny, so if that's what you're looking for than woo hoo!
    I find TR's to stretch out and sometimes that works better for people...ya know...I don't have this particular pair, but all the ones I have stretch to fit my body so I can usually size down ok unless I want them to fit a little more relaxed. Depends on your hips, too, I think.
  3. Size down! Get them as small as possible, even if it's difficult to get them on at first. All my Johnnys have stretched out like NONE OTHER- especially the stretch ones.
  4. 15" opening is definitely straight.

    10"-12" opening is skinny. 10" like J Brand fit more like leggings than jeans. I have 11" True Religion Julie's that are my absolute favorite skinnies so far.

    A word of caution regarding TR's. Not all finishes within the same style are cut the same. I've seen Johnny's cut between 12" and 15". Depends upon the style/finish combination, so when ordering online, pay attention to the details.

    As for fit, I would say TR's are true to size. Depends upon the kind of fit you want. My general rule is that I want them as tight as I can get and still be able to button them. They'll stretch from that point. If they are so small they can't be buttoned, well, they won't do you much good, will they? Good luck!
  5. They are true to size. All my TR in different styles are in the same size.
  6. Eliza, I friggin love your avatar betch! :roflmfao:
    Have you seen Liam's other videos? H-I-Larious!!!
  7. ^ LOL!!! I'm glad someone recognizes it!!!

    "Kelly, what are you going to do with your life??"

    "I'm gonna get what I want."

    Hee hee! I've seen the muffins video which cracks me up...... "Bits of glass muffin".... he's so weird.

    Thanks everyone for the help!! That was even better advice than I even hoped for. The sale at Revolve is fantastic, how can you say no to TR's at $83??
  8. Johnnys are DEFINITELY straight.. Johnnys are their straight style without the flap on the butt pocket and Billys are the ones with.

    I would size down like everyone else has said.. they always stretch out for me especially the TRs made out of 2% spandex. THey are really cute! I love it!
  9. they do stretch out quite bit from the spandex...but after each wash it shrinks back
  10. In my experience with TR, it seems like the dark washes run bigger and the light washed run smaller...

    I love those jeans btw!
  11. I LOVE that weird, and so funny!
  12. They are the most elastic-behaving of my jeans. Like much more dryer shrinkage and wearing stretching.