True religion johnny stretch - need help!

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  1. I'm ordering one pair of True religion jeans Johnny stretch but I'm not sure about size: 26 or 27?
    I wear 26 size Seven and Joe's stretch, True Religion Johnny wear the same? Thank you for your help.

  2. i find true religion smaller than sevens so i'd go up a size.
  3. Thank you.
  4. ditto. i'm actually nearly a 32 in TR and paige, 29/30 in sevens and CoH

    which is why my collection is exclusively sevens and CoH. heh.
  5. i think you should go with size 26 since it can stretch a bit~
    i usually wear 26, but when comes to TR, i usually go with 25.
  6. I agree with bb10lue,... TR jeans stretch A LOT even only after a few minutes of wearing them!
  7. I wear TR size 26 but they do stretch heaps so recently I was brave enough to try size 25 and it actually fits :yahoo: so if you are getting the one with stretch, go one size smaller but if it is 100% cotton, then go for your normal size.
    Hope it helps ;)
  8. I'm usually a 26/27 - but i find that TR's are on the smaller size.

    Johnny's also stretch - go smaller.
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