True Religion Joey Question!

  1. Revolve is selling True Religion Joey jeans in Medium Drifter and they are cheap! Ive been looking for a discounted pair for a while and so when I saw they were available in 27 (I think thats the right size for me) I was soooo happy, but Im clueless -:confused1:- about sizing. I heard that they fit better on people with a small booty (ex. me) so Im sure there is no problem with that. I would love to know if they run true to size, stretch or shrink, comfort, etc. Im a size four in American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and a 27 in Rock & Republic kasandra amethyst bootcut jeans. I know its not much info but crazy as it sounds, I only have two pairs of jeans! What I really want to know is what size I should buy. THANKS!
  2. Joeys are true to size and they stretch a lot. I think a 27 would be fine :shrugs:...
  3. They are true to size. They stretch a little because they have elastic in them, bit toodrastic. At least that's been my experience and I owe a few pairs of Joeys'.
  4. Ok Im definitely going to get them. Thanks!
  5. yep I agree with everyone else! you should be fine..
  6. I would stay with a 27 since R&R Amethyst runs TTS and so is TR Joey Medium Drifter. However in general, TR is really low waisted so some people with bigger hips have to size up.
  7. oh so the women's jeans are true to size? I know for a fact the men's run MUCH larger. My waist is a 32-33 and I buy 31 men's...if i really pushed it i can even wear a 30 in some cuts.
  8. yes the men's TR are notoriously big (majority of the washes but in Joey cuts esp), my bf wears 30-31 in 7s and RR and in some joeys he can do 28-29!

    I bought the medium drifter from revolve (2% stretch kind) and theyre True to size overall but a size big in the waist which i can deal with. If i sized down, it would be weirdly tight in the lower thigh and calves and wont look bootcut anymore!
  9. You should be fine with the 27s, but they do stretch A LOT. I'm a size 26 in R&R and got a Joey in the same size. The joeys keep falling down, but a size smaller would be too tight in the thighs.
  10. Yeah they do stretch a lot. I have the Joeys with the slight distressing from awhile back and 2 pairs of the cords and they have a good amount of stretch. I always need a belt.
  11. Just FYI, I was at Costco today and they had TR Joey, slightly distressed (not sure of the actual color name. they are dark with some ripping on thigh and knee) for $112.99. I suspect not all Costcos have the same stock, but thought I would let interested folks know, just in case. This is in Rohnert Park, CA
  12. Costco!!!

    I love the Joey TR. My only complaint is that they do stretch like crazy, even if there is no stretch per se in the fabric. I find the sizing a little odd - last year (ahem, before I lost weight after the past year) I was wearing a 12 or 14 and could squeeze into the average 32 (Juicy and Seven). But the TR? Forget it. Those were not happening, even the 32s. Now, 20 pounds lighter, I'm easily wearing 30 or 31 in most brands (8 or 10 regular size) but the TR are just huge - I think a 30 might be a little big once they stretch. It's just odd. It seems disproportionate. Oh well! I love them now.