true religion jeans?

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  1. i have 3 pairs of these jeans and they are a little baggy on me around my theights and can i make them tighter without ruining them? im always afraid my mom will shrink them in the dryer so i dont let her dry them..but maybe thats what i need? pleeeeeeeeeasse help me..
  2. moving to wardrobe :smile:
  3. i have the same problem with a pair i bought. fits at the waist but not in the thighs or butt, even after i washed them and dried them. can't wait to see if anyone has other suggestions!
  4. I've had a pair of size 24 Rock and Republics taken in on the sides so that they would fit me better. . .I believe my tailor opened up the outseam and then sewed it back together farther than it was before opening them up, and they fit pretty well.

    I think I'd be a little scared with a pair of True Religions because of the heavy stitching along the outseams on most pairs.
  5. I was told that with these jeans, they really only shrink the length even if you dry them. Taking them to the tailor is probably you're only option but ya, with the TRs, I'd be worried about the heavy stitching too.
  6. i was told by an SA at TR that their jeans stretch and actually recommend buying a size smaller for some of their styles. I've had 3 pairs of mine taken in because they were really long and kinda loose to be a skinny jean for me, and the stitching wasn't a problem for me because my pairs are simple, no crazy stitching for me. I always dry my TR in the dryer in low-med heat and they haven't shrunk. try drying one pair in the dryer?