True Religion Jeans.

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  1. Hello everyone. I've been sick this entire week and I need some cheering up so I decided to shop online. I found some very cute TR jeans on and I was just wondering if TR runs true to size. I'm a size 25 in MOST jeans. I absolutely hate returning/exchanging things so I would like to hear what the ladies have to say about their TR jeans.
  2. I think TR jeans run true to size- however, for the Johnny style, I find that you can go down a size because the hip & thigh area stretches out a bit.
  3. yep! i wear a size 12 (in kids:biggrin:) but i think they are just a lil bit smaller...
  4. if they're stretch, they're usually tts, if they're rigid (100% cotton) then you should size up. what wash are they?
  5. True to size. I have Johnny's and they fit perfectly.
  6. Tts.
  7. I take a 27 in seven, rock republic, take a 28 in true religion
  8. I have to size up in TR. I wear a 31 in Joes and Seven's, but a 32 in TR
  9. just share my size in different design for your references...
    Joey 25 or 26 (if it has stretch, you can size down)
    Sammy 25 (size down)
    Johnny, Bobby (tts)

    hope that helps.
  10. I'm a 25 too but usually size up to a 26 in TR jeans..both stretch & rigid.
  11. I'm a 25 in joes jeans and J brand
    but 26 in TR, Sass Bide, Tsubi
    27 in Diesel
  12. I'm a 25 in tavernitis, j brands, r & rs, earnest sewns
    26 in TR, sass & bide
  13. I sized up and am glad I did. I have the Billy style and they're awesome! I went with a 32 but I am usually a 30 or 31 in Joe's and Sevens.
  14. i think they run a tad smaller than other brands... but i buy the same size for stretch jeans.
  15. I love them..I have the Billy's, Bobby's and Joey's, and 2 pairs of corduroys; the purple Joey's and the brown Joey big T's. Here is what I've found with mine:
    Bobby- not super stretchy, you might have to size up
    Joey- stretchy and true to size
    Billy- same as the Joey's, maybe a bit more stretchy
    Joey cords (both)- seems to run a bit large, so you might need to size down