True Religion jeans @ Target

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  1. I was at Target yesterday looking for some socks. As i walked by the women's section, i saw the signature thread pockets jeans that looked exactly like a True Religion pair of jeans. I thought it was an immitate version of TR... so i picked them up and they were really True Religion jeans. The whole stack of them. 50% off from $150. It's still a pretty good deal for TR jeans but it's pretty pricey for Target, i would say.
    I know that Target is doing this whole Target couture thing, but i thought it's online only.
    Ijust thought that it was interesting. Has anyone seen those?
  2. Wow which Target was that?
  3. Wow!! I will have to look for TR the next time I am at Target.
  4. do they have them on-line?
  5. Oh wow, I hadn't heard about that. I thought I saw Rafe New York handbags at mine the other day though.
  6. I just paid $230 for some TR jeans at Metropark---I'm going to go check out Target tomorrow and see if its true and if it is Im returning these. I'm not going to pay $230 for jeans that you can find at Target.
  7. is this the same as the coach situation where they are actually fake?
  8. I saw that too, but didn't look that close. Mine had the Joe's Jeans cords that were normally $70 there on the 75% off rack, so they ended up being under $20. I got two pairs and they are great!

    I'm pretty sure they're authentic .... Coach was the only issue with the fake thing.
  9. lol
    i did not hear about the coah thing
  10. Yea which target was this?? I have never heard of that...
  11. i would like to check that out sometime if there are any near me. do they only sell joe's and true religion or other premium brands as well?
  12. I have only seen them at our Super Target in Royal Palm Beach, FL, I haven't seen them at the 2 regular ones around me.
  13. Joe's at Target! Maybe I will start buying jeans again....
  14. IT's the Target in Falls Church, Virginia. I only saw TR jeans. They don't look very in season. May be from last season. But still, it's pretty cheap.
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