True religion jeans on ebay. Help needed.

  1. Hello everyone. I want to buy 1 pair of jeans from eBay...but I'm kinda scared of buying a fake. I'm not an expert on True religion and I need some help......with sellers that sell authentic true religion on eBay. I can't stomach paying 300$ for a pair. Sales aren't the answer b/c these items are not on sale now...and outlets aren't either b/c I don't live near one....all I want is a nice animated stich one (I think they call them SUPER T lines). If anyone can give me references to sellers that sell authentic stuff and mark down about 40% or more I would really appreciate it.

    I found one seller so far...and the item that I"m looking for is the animated stich (BTW men's cuz i"m a guy) in ORANGE AND YELLOW. I have a nice WHITE stich animated one so I'm not looking for those.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. those look good to me. however you shuld probablyl wait for someone else to give a 2nd opinion.

    They used to sell a bunch of fake TRs on eBay however I have not seen any nowadays IMO..

    I really like the colors. You should hurry and make an offer bc I am sure the seller will accept one of those soon!
  3. this pair is real. The seller has a very good reputation for selling authentic jeans. You wont have to worry about fakes if you buy from judy and jacob!
  4. That is a great seller. I have bought a lot of William Rast jeans from her.

    No worries there!
  5. Sounds like others have had really good experiences with this particular seller. I have not had any, but I do know there are lots of fake jeans on eBay (still) so you're wise to be careful.
  6. TR sizing is odd. Im about 34 in Levis but can fit into either 32(snug) or 33 TR jeans. I tried on 34 TR and they were way too big!