True religion jeans.. instyle still? Do they run small?

  1. I literally have over 250 pairs of designer denim, but I don't know if true religion will be something I will love or over in ten minutes. When I tried them on today, they seemed to run very small. I wear a 24 in sevens and the 26 TR was making me look sausagey, but the 27 is kinda loose. Do they stretch out a lot when you wear them? SOrry, this is way too much drama over a pair of cute jeans! Help fashion mavens!
  2. When I first bought my TR's they were TIGHT around the waist- but they do have copius amounts of stretch so they loosen up over a couple wearings.
  3. Don't let the size numbers trip you up.
    If you find a pair that gives you good butt, is flattering and nice fit then I'd go with that regardless of the number.
    I found Seven jeans run big.
  4. Girl...with over 250 jeans, you don't need anymore:p

    But if you are interested in TRs go with the 26s that you tried on. They will stretch. You will be miserable with the 27s because they will be falling off of you after you have them on for a while.
  5. I go with the size that I can zip comfortably at the waist . . . probably I could go a size smaller but I don't like to have to wear them til they stretch out. The comfortable around the waist do get baggier, but I wash them after a few wears. They never stretch out enough to fall off - they just look a little baggier, but I am comfortable with that look . . .
  6. Hmm, I have two pairs of Joeys and they fit pretty true to size.
  7. Mine have stretched out a bit. I can't believe there are actually 250 different designer jeans out there. Where do you keep them all?
  8. Mine have stretched out a bit. I can't believe there are actually 250 different designer jeans out there. Where do you keep them all?
  9. When I bought mine, the salesgirl said they have to be tight enough to create creases across the upper thigh/crotch level. That is when you know they are the right size. And they stretch out big time.
  10. True Religions stretch A LOT!!! I can't emphasize that enough. I fit them in my normal size and just to give you an idea of how much they stretch out. One pair I bought was so tight when I purchased that when I was showing my sister I had to do a little dance to get them on and MAJORLY suck it in just to button it. It was so strenuous to get on that she was laughing all over the place. I could BARELY get these jeans on. Within a wear or 2 the jeans have now stretched so that they are really easy to get on and much much looser. They are actually pretty loose on the waist now. So loose that I can pull it about 3/4 to an inch away from my hips. I wish they were smaller now so I just wash more frequently and dry it on hot. I would strongly recommend you purchase a skin tight pair.
  11. You all have been so helpful! Thank you! The 250 are all sevens, citizens, r&r, william rast, joes, paige.. nothing too exciting like chloe. I had 3 kids in 5 years so they all range from 24-28 to accomodate my changing body. I think that I am going to get the bigger ones altered. I just ordered the tightest size that I had tried on from I'll post pics when they come in. Thanks again!
  12. They are very stretch and comfy. Stitch's jeans are very comfy too,
    both of these feel barely there.
  13. 250 pair of jeans - I am in awe.....what are you favorite brands?

    sorry to be so direct, but a picture of your closet is in order! :p I think you have more jeans than the Savvy dept at Nordstroms.
  14. damn girl, you got 250 designer jeans wow! Anyway, I bought the TR in billy and joey size 26 and I wear mostly 26 or 25 in seven jeans. So I would say they ran the same size for me.
  15. by the way .. can u show us some pics? I'm so excited to see the 250 jeans collection you have.:yahoo: