True Religion dilemma...for once & for all...size up or down?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm planning to purchase True Religion Joey 100% cotton jeans online but I'm really confused over the sizing of TR jeans even after reading all the posts on this subject :confused1:

    Since I'm planning to buy them online, it would be impossible for me to try them on beforehand and I don't think it is possible for me to exchange them either.

    TR jeans experts, please help...

    1. Will True Religion Rigid (100% cotton) jeans stretch out over time?

    2. For TR jeans in general, does one have to size up or down?

    3. Is one required to size down for TR Rigid jeans in darker rinses?

    I mostly wear Levi's in size 24 & I have a few other highstreet jeans (e.g. Guess & Topshop) in the smallest sizes but apart from the Levi's rigid jeans, the rest of my jeans have stretched out after several washes. The jeans were snug when I bought them but the fit is too loose now.

    I'm a little worried that if I get TR Joey rigid in size 24, I won't be able to button them. If I go for size 25, there is the possibility of them expanding too much after I've worn & washed them a few times :sad:

    Will TR Joey rigid in size 24 stretch out?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated :yes:

    Sorry for the super long post :rolleyes:
  2. sizing depends not just on style, but also on wash. what wash are you looking at?
  3. Rigids definatley stretch. I have a pair in rinse and I sized down. But not all of their washes run the same.
  4. in my experience they've stretched out but theres a possibility that i was also in the process of losing weight and didn't know it.
  5. Yeah each wash/style is different. I sized up for the Joey's (both regular and big T) and down for the Bobby's and Billy's.
  6. I just bought a pair of Joey's at Nordstoms...........

    I'm a size 4 and tried on the 28's and they were loose but the 27's which I bought are a bit tight but I still bought them. I hope to lose some weight :smile:

    I swear I'm between sizes......
  7. Unfortunately True Religion is one of those brands that is just NOT consistent with sizing. I've found stretch Joeys true-to-size, light Bobby run small, dark Bobby run large, and Sammy seems to also run pretty true-to-size. And yes, even TR rigid denim will stretch out a bit.

    Since you plan to buy online, I would shop at Revolve Clothing since they have a huge selection of TR denim and free shipping as well as free RETURN shipping. That way you can buy a couple of sizes and return the ones that don't fit without any obligation or extra cost to you. Remember, denim should always fit snugly to account for the fact that it will stretch with movement and your body over time. Snug, but nothing that will prevent you from breathing or walking or fastening. Good luck!
  8. I ordered a pair of True Religion....I think they were Big Ts.

    I usually wear a size 26, and I had a pair of 28s....and they were just fitting...almost too tight.

    I was like, OMG! Haha. I swear every pair of them I have ever tried on, don't fit...but then again, that might be why I don't own a pair.
  9. Dear loserxstar, arireyes, soundjade, Lvbabydoll, kristenmi123, lithiumpearl and Hats,

    Thank you so much for responding :heart:

    Details of the TR Joey rigid jeans I'm planning to buy:
    - Joey Big T Rigid
    - Color - Dusty Road
    - Dark mineral wash finish

    I am planning to buy the TR Joey rigid jeans from RevolveClothing but since these are on sale & I think I will have considerable trouble returning them mainly b'coz I live in Malaysia & RevolveClothing does not ship to Malaysia.
    I will get them to ship it to my galpal's Singapore address instead.

    Hahaha...the lengths I'll go to just to get my hands on a pair of TR jeans :rolleyes:

    If it's a mega chore to get into the jeans (i.e. holding one's breath & doing some major sucking in) and button them, does that mean it's way too small?? :sweatdrop:

    Looks like I may have to go with size 25 unless the Dusty Road wash runs a little large. What do you all think? :confused1:

    Thanks, once again ;)
  10. I can't help with the specific style you are looking at but I feel like TR sizing is very inconsistant. I ordered a pair of Billys from NAP in a size 27 which is the size I should wear. When they came in I couldn't even come close to buttoning them- they were crazy tight. So I thought, hmm, this style must run really small and exchanged them for a 29. The 29s came in and were HUGE so I exchanged them for 28s. I kept the 28s but they are a little bigger than I'd like- seems like I need the 27s but that's where I started.:confused1: Exhausting! Keeping in mind all three jeans were the same style and same rinse it doesn't make sense.
  11. TTS for me it seems.
  12. i think they run true to size to slightly small, but they stretch out with wear. i would stick with your normal size.
  13. I went down a size with my billys and tts with joeys.
  14. size really depend son the style but i usually have to buy a size lower for TR then rocks so i say a size lower and if ur buying from something like Neimans u can exchange
  15. Dear All,

    My usual size is 24...should I go for size 24 or 25? :sweatdrop:

    What do you think? :confused1:

    Thanks so much for responding :heart: