True Religion Denim's Handbags

  1. What do you guys think about them?
  2. i don't like denim handbags....
  3. lol I haven't used a denim handbag since the 80's. I also had a denim backback back then too. Those were the days!
  4. My apologies I didnt mean that they were made out of denim they are made by True Religion Denim, the jeans company
  5. Heres and article now let me see if I can find some pics

    LAS VEGAS, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Premium denim company True Religion Apparel Inc (TRLG.O: Quote,&nbspProfile , Research) is launching a line of handbags for spring 2008, a new product category for the company, which is expanding beyond jeans as it rolls out its retail stores.
    The company, known for its horseshoe logo on the back pockets of its pricey jeans, aims to create a lifestyle brand that moves it beyond denim. Its other recently launched lines include belts and swimwear, and a fragrance is expected next year.
    The handbags, set to hit high-end boutiques and department stores in February or March, are made in Italy and feature details such as nickel hardware and the thick stitching used in its jeans.
    Some bags use stamped python leather, others are fringed or colorful woven fabric. True Religion even offers a slouchy bag in denim with white leather detailing. Prices will range from $598 to $998, but leather key chains and pouches will be priced at $98 and $128, respectively.

    Those prices will "seem like a value" compared to bags made by luxury leather purse makers, such as PPR's (PRTP.PA: Quote,&nbspProfile , Research) Gucci or Prada, said Freddi Kadden, vice president of sales.
    True Religion, whose jeans can fetch prices in the hundreds of dollars, plans to have 15 stores in the United States by the end of 2007, and 30 by the end of next year.
    Seven for all Mankind, a rival with annual revenue of about $300 million, was sold last month to apparel company VF Corp (VFC.N: Quote,&nbspProfile , Research) for $775 million. Asked about the deal, True Religion Chief Financial Officer Pete Collins said: "It validated some of the valuations out there."
    Seven being part of a public company would also bring more detail about its operations into the open, Collins said -- a benefit, since most jeans companies are privately owned.
    "Our industry doesn't have that kind of transparency," Collins said
  6. Okay I found a pic on Now I refused to believe that this small blog has the scoop before all of us fashionistas and handbag experts at the purse blog.

  7. I honestly dont know how I feel about the bag. Its not an ugly bag. I think I just have my mind set on the fact that True Religion is a jean company, not a handbag.
  8. You feel that way too. It will take some getting use to but when you think about if their bags are as half as good as their jeans they are going to be hot!
  9. i saw this bag featured in People (the style edition) and I really like it- the leather look TDF and I like the overall shape, but I did think it was a little too pricy (around $750ish).
  10. I love their jeans but would not purchas a handbag.
  11. I like TR jeans, so I'm definitely interested in seeing more of their handbag styles. Anyone have more pics?

  12. I want this bag!!!! When and where can I get it?!?!? :drool:
  13. ummm not sure. They are supposedly available some time this month but more than likely I am sure it will be their website
  14. I used to love TR jeans (very flattering to my super-flat butt) but then I started seeing too much of them, they were discoutned everywhere and the brand is not what is used to me, IMO at least. So it doesn't surprise me that they are branching out into other products. I'm not a fan of denim bags and this leather one is "eh" :shrugs:. Maybe if I saw it IRL I'd feel differently?