True Religion 100% cotton jean purchase from Revolve Question

Jun 24, 2008
Los Angeles
Hi ladies..I purchased these jeans:
from revolve clothing. I generally wear a size 26 in TR's since they stretch quite a bit. I purchased two other 100% cotton pairs in 27's because everything I heard said to size up when they are all cotton because they don't stretch like the other ones. My two pair in 27s that I bought stretched quite a bit, so I bought this pair in a 26 hoping it would stretch and be perfect. I totally LOVE the jeans that came, but they are TOO TIGHT in the waist...I really don't want to send them back, but I've worn them around the house for a couple hrs. and they do not seem to be stretching at all?? Does anyone know if these will stretch???? Should I keep them?? They don't have a 27 available.....thanks girls!!!
May 27, 2007
100% cotton won't stretch, unless you've worn it a few days in a row. It might stretch over time, but the most it will do is shrink. I would not keep them if they don't fit you properly or feel comfortable. If they are 100%, it's not likely that they will stretch after a couple hours.


Jul 30, 2006
Bay Area, CA
i would send them back too. you can try damp stretching them (wet the waistband while wearing them, or buy a waistband stretcher on ebay), but you'll have to do it every time you wash them. not worth the hassle imo.