True red lipstick....a do or a don't?

  1. I've been noticing that chic women around here lately have been wearing true, solid RED (not gloss, not brown-red, not pink-red, not plum-red). And it looks beautiful!!!

    What are your thoughts on this trend? If you wear true red lipstick, tell me a little about your skin tone and which color/brand you use. Thanks!!!
  2. Red lipstick is a classic. However it's important to find the right red to go with your skin tone. Reds can be from cranberry to terra-cotta-ish and the wrong one will clash horribly.

    I say it's a "do" if it's appropriately matched with skin tone and applied's pretty unforgiving with smudges, etc but WOW it's hot!

    I do well with the reds in the Lancome line...they're generally a cooler tone which works well for my super pale skin.

    Hope that helps! :flowers:
  3. I think it's a do. And just like Pursegrrl said, it's just a matter of finding the right "true red" for you... I just bought Dior's "classic" 999 red in their new rouge formulation. It's very nice and creamy. I just need to work up the nerve to wear it!!!
  4. I love red lipstick, but prefer a darker red shade.
  5. Christina- YES
    Jessica Simpson - NO
  6. ^ agree with above..

    it depends on your face and whether you could pull it off. red lipstick screams confidence. so if you can do it.. hten more power to you

    i myself prefer pinks
  7. I've been wearing true red lipstick all summer, just love the color. It's a color I found last year at Sephora (I bought about 4 different shades of red) and sometimes combine 2 different shades to get the color I want:flowers:
  8. If you can pull it off, it's definitelya do!
  9. I love red lipstick. I have been on a quest since I was 18 years old for the "perfect red"!! I've tried everybrand and the one I like the best is Chanel for reds. I agree with the others that you have to find the right shade for your skin tone. Do that and anyone can wear red.
  10. I loove it, MAC is going big with this right now, they offered three true red lip stuff, one is a Lipglass called Pure Vanity (LOOOVE THE NAME!), another is a Lipstick called Rockocco, and the new one is a Lipvarnish, called Autobody Red.

    I think they did that, just so you can choose which formula is best for you.

    My vote is for the Lipvarnish, theyre basically liquid lipstick, with gloss added. Theyre very pigmented, and theres a high gloss on top.
  11. May I ask which color red you have? I'm looking for a Chanel red lipstick (for my mom, otherwise it doesn't have to specifically be Chanel for me :angel:) but the color swatches are so hard to tell!

    Thanks. :flowers:
  12. red lips are very classy
  13. Okay here's the deal, I think what determines which red works on your face is the type of features you have, skin tone, and age (which will affect your skin tone) The best face for red, is one with a beautiful nose and delicate jaw. Strong lips work wonders on faces where the best features are not necessarily your eyes, but make sure your eyebrows are in good shape. Perfect brows and perfect red lips are a killer combination.
    Because strong lips bring focus to the centre of your face, everything close to the mouth will also be looked at. If you are older (like 40+) its advisable to stay away from darker reds as in my experience this seems to accentuate the highlights and shadows of slack skin around the mouth, better to go for a bright colour like coral or pink that will lift the sallowness of the face. I know that sounds scary, and if its too much, put a layer on carefully taking your time to get the shape even from right to left, and then blot, so that it is more like a stain.
    It is really important to take your time to make the shape of your red lips as perfect as possible, there is something a bit tragic about seeing someone's red lips that are wonky! Whether you are using the actual lipstick or a lip brush drag the edge of the lipstick slowly (like 5 seconds to do each side of the top lip), this allows the lipstick colour to seep into the skin to create a sharp line rather than dragging it quickly making it sort of skim the surface, sticking mostly to the tiny hairs giving a more jagged edge!
    I could go on and on but, I have probably bored you all enough, my name facefan is short for face fanatic because I am fanatical about researching how makeup works on the face, I've read about 30 books on visual and facial perception, geeky stuff but absolutely fascinating!

  14. That's absolutely fascinating! Can you recommend any books? There's so much on the market, but if you look at most they don't have more or better tips for you than a edition of a 2€ Glamour magazin :shame:
  15. Thanks Kittie I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    All these things are someting I really am fascinated by, I have been trying to convince magazines to let me write articles for them and they always say; people don't really want to know the science behind things, although I do give alot of quotes to Marie Claire UK magazine and other mags. One very good book which is very fascinating is "Survivial of the Prettiest" by Nancy ETcoff, which looks at the evolutionary psychology of why we are attracted to beauty. If you have time please look at my website Phyllis Cohen | Face Fanatic and click the mouse on the face in the bottom left corner there are some articles I have written about why Kate Moss's face has the effect it has, and the difference between the masculine and feminine face etc.
    thanks again!