True or False: Beauty costs money.

  1. I know it might seem like an odd question but it just hit me today.

    I was in my bathroom and I looked at all the products that I had made to "beautify" us and I realized that I currently had at least $400 worth of product! And I don't use any anti-agers or anything super expensive either!

    I thought back to about 6 years ago when I could of honestly cared less what went on my face and body. I was a late bloomer LOL. But when I started getting more interested in my appearances, I started of course buying more stuff to make me look better. And they did! They unleashed a side of me previously seen by none.

    So, what do you think? Yes or no?
  2. TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!! I cant believe how much money I spend in the hair/nail salon, makeup store, shampoo, skin care... It truly is rediculous... hehe
  3. I'd like to say...false, and that I'm a natural beauty. But the fact is I rely on beauty products to get me there. LOL
  4. Totally true...I would look like a mess without all my beauty products!
  5. Very true!:tup:
  6. So True!
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But yeah, makeup does help.
  8. Absolutely true.

    Clothing you can do on the cheap, or at least relatively so. But to really look good, you need top-notch grooming and accessories, and those inevitably cost a lot.
  9. I don't think this is true. I think beauty just takes a lot of determination. You can tweeze your eyebrows, use cheap razors, use homemade masks/scrubs, buy a $20 flat iron, and find drugstore makeup/creams that are dirt cheap and will get the job done. You might look a bit better if you use expensive products, but I think where there's a will there's a way.
  10. Unfortunately SOOOOO true!
  11. so true! I think I spent over $1000 going to salons,haircare,skincare,beauty products,etc., its crazy!
  12. I disagree. Although I do spend a LOT on grooming, I have friends who do their own manis and pedis, buy drugstore makeup and have friends cut their hair who look fabulous. There are a lot of natural alternatives to masks, anti-aging formulas and dermabrasion products, too.
  13. It goes both ways I think. You can go the drug store/do-it-yourself route or the high end/have it done for you route. Either way usually gets the job done. Then again, I just spent a ton of money on highlights and got crap, but the drug store way wouldn't have been much better! LOL. It can really go either way.
  14. true. Sure, you can vary how much you spend and try to save money, but if you keep up your appearance usually it costs money.
  15. true, we spend money on clothes, beauty products and magazines to learn and beautify ourselves...
    it's not just make up and anti-aging products...