True nude?

Which color is more of a true nude?

  • Latte

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Powder

    Votes: 6 85.7%

  • Total voters


Jul 19, 2019
I don't Saint Laurent's colors that well but it seems there are different colored bags than those two that could be more nude. Not sure which colors are special editions versus part of the permanent collection. The YouTuber Chase_Amie has a gorgeous YSL collection and an authority.

This one on Farfetch caught my eye the other day, but I didn't see a color listed and looks on the pink side of nude:
Nordstrom has this bag in lighter beige-ish nude:
Sorry if this doesn't help. I also find YSL colors confusing! And have seen a few bags in other people's collection that I can't find available online.