True meaning of bags

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true meaning of my handbag collection

  1. fashion addict love the color, lights, splash, flare

  2. matter how I feel my bag boosts my confindence

  3. all my toys are inside feel prepared and in charge

  4. fills a need and or want that takes care of me..

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  1. I thought it would be fun to discuss the reason we love to collect bags. Is it the fashion bug, the things we can carry with us, added confidence they give...the bag we had to buy because of the color...or of reasons. AND...why Marc...Besides...this can give us something else to do while we wait for the next sale post. What do you think?? maggie
  2. For several years now, I have been completely addicted to handbags. They are my one indulgence. Bags make me happy - I just love acquiring bags in all different sizes, shapes, colors, styles, etc. And I love that everyone I know, knows me for my handbags. Even my students (I've mentioned before that I'm a 4th grade teacher) love to see my different handbags. They'll comment on them daily..."Miss...that's a cool purse." Their favorite so far is by Marc by MJ Veruka Tote. They think the Miss Marc picture looks like a South Park character. LOL....

    Anyway, I think of handbags in lots of ways: a hobby, an indulgence, a craving, a spark to an otherwise bland day, a source of happiness, a love affair...I could go on and on.
  3. I think MJ fits the bill for fashion addicts because it stylish and comes in different styles and colors.. whereas other brands tend to look the same or stay within a safe color range.
  4. Hmmm.....please come play....I know there is so much going on right now..or maybe someone has already done this question but I hope you will take this survey...please...maggie
  5. i think that, for me, it's a combination of the first two choices in the poll. i only started really "splurging" on bags this year (i'm defining splurges as $500+) first love has always been shoes. and, just like my first pair of manolos, my first high-end bag had me at hello! i love everything about them - styling, quality...well, i don't love the price, but what can you do? :shrugs:

    i guess for me, i love carrying something around that i think is truly beautiful - my hudson, for example, feels like a work of art to me, and i just adore carrying it. no matter what my outfit looks like, i know that bag pulls it all one's looking at my 5-year-old gap turtleneck when i'm carrying the hudson!

    as for MJ, i've always had a little design crush on him...i love his ability to split his time between fun/funky and truly classic bags. and it's just turned out that i've adored his 2006 collections. i can already tell i'm going to save money next year since s/s '07 is not my cup of tea.....but that's how it goes. some years it's love, some years we save for the 'love' years!

    though how i've gone from cringing over a $300 bag to happily plunking down over $1,000 for one, in six little months, is beyond me! :love:
  6. SMC..I know exactly what you mean...I used to buy bags in the 200-300 range and when they went on sale that was where I'd come home with 4 or 5. My first Marc was a sap Venetia that was like 484 from Nordstroms and I thought this was still outrageous...then I carried it and that was that. Something about carrying his bags that is amazing. The addiction started then and there. After my mom passed away I was working on her house and opened this one closet and there in perfect order on many shelves was her purse collection. I'd never paid attention and this collecting and setting the bags in perfect order was something we completely had in common...I felt like I belonged. mags
  7. That is so touching about your Mom. It's nice to think you are continuing something she enjoyed so much as well.:love:
  8. WHAT??? NO "All of the Above" option? How do I choose? I've been addicted to bags since the 10th grade, and I'm 41. And for all of those reasons.
  9. it's definitely not a 'status' thing for me...... i just like things that are well-made.... and usually steer clear of obvious logos, etc

    bags are just fun to collect (even for men!!)
    i like having something to go with my mood/outfit... :nuts:
  10. I love my bags - especially Marc Jacobs bags - for their design and style. I've always been into mod, 60s-influenced fashion, and Marc Jacobs bags, with their vintage touches and oversize buckles, fit my style aesthetic perfectly. I would almost prefer them to be less 'status-y' because then they'd be more affordable!
  11. See this is cool. If people like these bags they have other characteristics in common. Brian...I love that you collect bags. What are your favorite...what do you have in your collection? My husband collects bags too. His are usually an old fashioned mail bag or a huge canvas bag. mm
  12. La Mode are right..I should have checked the pick more than one..
    These poll things are really my reasons I think..all of them. You are so is such a creative expression. How often do you change out your bags? I am changing out every 2-3 days. mm
  13. Luvpurses24..thank you for the sweet comment. I got a whole insite today about my shopping addiction. It was probably obvious that it's really a connection to my mom more than an addiction. mm
  14. I don't like to be flashy at work, so I change my bags for the weekend... I generally stick to only a couple of bags for work. If they only knew!
  15. For me, luvpurses24 just about summed it up...
    I have always loved handbags, but I never had a craving for designer bags until I got my first LV a few years ago. I love to carry them, shop for them, try them on, heck, I even have dreams about them.:shame:

    Like, luvpurses24, handbags are truly my only indulgence and I just absolutely love them! It's hard to explain, I just do!:love: