True Life (on MTV)

  1. I just watched the one, "coming to america"...

    the family that came from burma, their whole story just really touched parents came to this country as immigrants, but they had more help and they came here continuing with their medical education, so it was a different situation..

    this family I felt for because on one side, it was better than a refugee came in thailand, but i am hoping the son, timonthy, eventually went to college to fulfill his dream...I can't imagine how hard it would be to start from ground zero in this country and trying to take care of 7 family members

    the girl from the czech republic struggled too, but it was definitely easier for her....

    anyone else watch this episode?
  2. I only watched a few minutes but I never finished. I'll try watching online. I watch True life occasionally and some of the episodes are pretty interesting. I watched the celibacy one and I could totally relate to how it may be hard for people because I believe in sex after marriage.
  3. the other one that really touched me was the I'm living below the poverty level sad

    the celibacy one was interesting, and of course, the I'm getting married when the groom was threatening to kill the limo driver for being late
  4. Just caught this show for the first time yesterday and pretty interesting. The epiosode I saw was about the 2 alocholics. Pretty sad, just wasting their days/nights drinking constantly. Being older, it's hard to determine if its a phase they are going thru. I remember in my 20's partying a LOT, drinking, etc but got thru it. However one girl was pretty bad. Beer in hand while brushing her teeth. There was something about her though I couldn't put my finger on it. It seems she drank mostly for attention, I know that sounds terrible but I couldn't figure her out.
  5. my favorite episodes are
    "I'm a Cheerleader"; I loved those girls from Dunbar, all very interesting
    "I'm an Urban Cheerleader"
    "I'm Obese"
    "I'm Getting Married" - One wife, Bri (?) was gorgeous, and Charlie was hilarious.

    I have watched almost every True Life episode, since the age of 13 or 14, and only those episodes stand out to me, the rest are kind of mundane and boring.
  6. I've seen most of them, too....

    I loved:

    I'm Dead Broke
    I'm Getting Plastic Surgery
    I'm Jealous (?)
    I'm An Urban Cheerleader
    I'm Obese
    Where Are They Now? (Wished they would've caught up with more people)
    I'm Getting Married (Classic!)

    Lots more...I can't think of the titles.
  7. The Plastic Surgery episode was great too!! One of my faves, I can't believe I forgot about those best friends trying out for Playboy, they were hysterical. The guy wanting calf implants was so cheesy and lame!:lol: I LOVED that show.
  8. I worked with someone on one of those shows, the one true life: I want a famous face!yikes! When I first started, I kept staring at her like I knew her and then I kept asking her from where, ya know where'd you grow up,where else have you worked, she said she did some modeling for some stuff then said Ive worked for MTV, it hit me all of a sudden and I was like your the, I want a famous face girl. yeah she wasnt very happy that I recognized her.
  9. Man I wish MTV would release these on DVD- some of the best shows they have ever featured have been True Life eppy's. I would love to see some followups.
  10. Did anyone catch the one on Tourettes Syndrome? Very interesting, I never knew it could be so bad for some people as I never really knew much about it. Of course I missed the very end but from what I remember one girl had surgery but I don't know if it had worked for her.
  11. ^^^
    didnt work like they hoped, I believe she was getting another surgery for it, but she had calmed down on the way she talked to her grandmother.
    The guy moved out with a friend, it didnt last long and ended up back at home.
  12. True Life- I'm a addicted to meth was pretty disturbing. The calve implant guy was so vain and LAME!
  13. I wish I could find the episodes somewhere. I love True Life and I'm in the mood to watch some of my favorites. I loved ;

    I'm Getting Married
    I'm A Cheerleader
    I'm Going To Fat Camp
  14. dang why haven't more people responded to this thread? i've seen a lot of true life episodes and i love them all. i'm watching "i'm a southern belle" online right now (linked from another thread). my :wtf: face is getting a lot of practice while i'm watching.

    not a whole lot of episodes stand out right now. i did like the "i'm obese" episode, "i have ocd", "i'm a jersey shore girl".

    hmm i'm looking at the list of episodes on mtv...seems i haven't seen as many as i thought i did.
  15. You have to watch "I'm a Southern Belle" episode. It's priceless and disturbing. Hairspray should be outlawed because it has thwarted their brains.